Kickstart your Fitness and Conditioning for 2015 with Twist!

At Twist, we believe training is only part of the solution to improving your strength and conditioning, and maximizing your performance in your sport and your life.

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Twist Whitby U Coach TRAINstorming: Saving the Shoulders!

by Kyle Kotchie B.Sc.; CSCS; Twst Strength and Conditioning Coach *This is a re-post of the Blog from the original on the Twist Whitby website. Admit it, if you’ve never had any shoulder issue in your entire life while being active, you should give yourself a pat on the back; that is, if your shoulder […]

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Proud to be part of this journey! #TwistFamily @richevanoff via @GPRepostApp ======> @richevanoff:Team Richie will be back on snow in 10 days... Thanks for everyone who has helped me get the wheels rolling in the right direction! This upcoming camp will play a huge part in my development as an athlete and should have me ready for a strong season. 
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